DuraGuard Coatings - Protecting Steel Structures & Surfaces

DuraGuardOriginally developed for the Marine Aircraft Carriers decking to combat the harshest of ocean and environmental conditions including a temperature range of minus 40 to plus 400oC, DuraGuard is now being employed in a myriad of industrial applications including the coating of ovens to drop the outside temperatures and protecting it from the environment, especially where excessive water is being used in factories and corrosion is prevalent.

Some uses are as follows:

Power plant

  • Cooling tower structure like turbine tubes and exhaust.
  • Conveyor support structures.
  • Internal surface coating of water storage tank / water cannels of RCC.
  • External surface coating of exhaust chimneys.
  • Various steel structures.
  • Surface coating of coal unloading area.

Traction battery manufacturer

  • Internal / External Surface coating of battery box.
  • Floor coating of formation area.
  • Floor coating of charging area.
  • Internal surface coating of paste mixer.
  • Surface coating of pasting machine.
  • Surface coating of structures.

Fertilizer / pesticide plants

  • Steel structures in packing area.
  • External surface coating of exhaust system.
  • External surface coating of gas storage / distribution systems like NH3 pipeline.
  • Surface coating of concrete surface.
  • Steel Structures in ETP plant.

Other application areas

  • Ship deck coating.
  • Fixing of foundation bolt.
  • Sealing of expansion joint for edge protection.
  • Surface coating of battery charging bay in Auto / Engineering Industry.

Engineering Industry


  • Steel structures in pickling / plating / powder coating plant.
  • Underbody parts of vehicle.
  • MS pipelines in pickling plant.
  • Cooling tower structure and pipeline.
  • Antiskid coating on RCC / chequered plate (Mentis grid).
  • External surface coating of exhaust systems.
  • Internal surface coating of Heat Exchanger shell.
  • External coating of various pipelines like gas, water, compressed air, oils etc.
  • LDO / FO storage tank in forging / casting / Heat Treatment industry.
  • External surface coating of low temperature (up to 900oC) furnace.

DuraGuard is an Ironite Ceramic Epoxy Cementitious (ICEC) Coating and has numerous advantages over other types of coatings especially when it comes to protecting steel structures and surfaces from corrosion, erosion and abrasion.

It provides strong protection and long life without repeat treatments. Some advantages for the Aircraft carrier project were as follows:

  • Resistance to high temperature exhaust (range is minus 40 to plus 400oC).
  • High corrosion from seawater.
  • High impact touchdown.
  • Abrasions due to STOL (Short-take offs and landings).
  • Not more than 1mm reduction in thickness per annum.

Further advantages for industry are:

  • Stops corrosion and erosion completely.
  • Coated metallic surfaces / equipment can survive all weather and other environmental conditions.
  • Saves on energy because DuraGuard provides insulation.
  • Can bond with any substrate like metal, wood, stone, concrete hence it can be used as a bonding agent for the different materials.
  • Non-toxic material finish for animals and the environment – DuraGuard does not poison animals and has a hard-finish that rodents and animals cannot bite through the coating.
  • Dot Matrix coating – does not peel of easily and extremely simple to repair.
  • Excellent resistance to electricity (ASTM D1000) – Electricity does not pass through this coating.
  • Excellent for lining of bio-active material storage tanks.
  • Excellent resistance to cathodic dis-bonding (ASTM G95).
  • Effective moisture barrier (ASTM D570)
  • Green process of manufacture, application and usage.


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