Steam Expander Generator Set HP204 up to 400kW

Steam Expander Generator Set HP204 up to 400kWDescription

The HP204 steam expander generator set is a fully integrated system which converts energy in the form of wet steam into clean electrical power.


  • Rugged screw expander technology
  • Standalone packaged unit
  • Industry standard key components
  • Fully automated

Package design may vary.

Performance HP204 – 160 HP204 – 250 HP204 – 315 HP204 – 400
Gross power output Up to 160 kWe Up to 250 kWe Up to 315 kWe Up to 400 kWe
Auxiliary power input Up to 2.5 kWe Up to 2.5 kWe Up to 2.5 kWe Up to 2.5 kWe

*Depending upon steam inlet and outlet conditions. 75kWe rating available on demand.


Operating parameters
Electrical 400V, 50Hz, 3ph+N 480v, 60Hz, 3ph+N Option
Ambient temperature -10°C to +45°C  
Ambient humidity <95% (non-condensing)  
Installation Indoor or Outdoor  
Sound pressure level  
Steam mass flow rate range 1800kg/h to 13500kg/h  
Max. steam inlet temperature 221°C (saturated steam)  
Max. steam inlet pressure 23.5 Bar A  
Max. inlet-outlet ΔP 20 Bar  
Steam inlet dryness fraction <97%  


Dimensions and foundations
Dimensions 3000 X 1850 X 2000 mm (LWH)
Mass Up to 9,000 kg
Lifting and handling Standard forklift pockets 180 x 80 mm, 1300 mm between centres
Site foundation Level load bearing surface 3500 X 2500 mm


Plant services and interconnections
Steam inlet DN100, PN25
Steam outlet PN25 flange and depending on customer steam flow either DN150,200,250 or 300
Compressed air supply 7 bar g (Instrument air to ISO 8573.1 Class 2:3:1)
Electrical output 400V, 3 ph+N, continuous rating to suit generator protection device
Electrical input 400V, 3 ph+N
Remote monitoring Internet bridge (via internet cable or optional wireless GPRS / UMTS Modem). BMS or SCADA systems - MODbus over RS232, RS485, USB, Ethernet.

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