Install a Heliex GenSet and use the steam from your biomass boiler to generate electricity and provide heat for your process needs. Enjoy a significantly shorter payback on your project and a typical return on the Heliex GenSet of just one year.

Turning up the heat on your investment

If you’re in the UK then payments from the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) will increase significantly as you will qualify for a higher Combined Heat and Power (CHP) tariff. Your system may also be eligible for payments through Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROC’s) a financial support mechanism for UK renewable electricity projects.

Drop the pressure

The Heliex GenSet is installed after the biomass boiler where it drops the steam pressure and extracts energy from the steam to generate electricity. After the Heliex GenSet the steam can be used for a process such as heating, drying, cooling, hot water, space or district heating.

Compatible with fluctuating flows

A key feature of the Heliex GenSet is that it works well with fluctuating steam flows, adapting and continuing to generate electricity even when the heat demand is low, for example during the summer months.

Recent Projects:


Industry: Nursery Power: 132kW
Country: UK Model: HP145
Customer Profile: AMP plc/Villa Nursery  

1.65 MW Combined Heat and Power (CHP) biomass facility at Villa Nursery in Essex, will result in vastly reduced energy bills for the family business that supplies salad to some of the UK’s largest supermarkets including Waitrose and Aldi.

In the project, fully financed by AMP plc, the Heliex GenSet has been installed alongside a steam raising biomass boiler to form an impressive new steam generating CHP facility. This will form part of the Villa Nursery’s sustainable development programme over the next 20 years.

District Heating

Industry: District Heating Power: 132kW
Country: Austria Model: HP145
Customer Profile: Municipal utility company generating heat and power for local users  

4MW biomass boiler is used to generate steam feeding a brewery and the local district heating in this picturesque village close to Salzburg. High pressure steam out of the boiler is directly delivered to the brewery while the remaining steam is reduced in pressure via the Heliex HP145 GenSet before feeding the heat exchanger generating hot water for the local district heating network.

The retrofit of the Heliex unit into the existing boiler house ensures the entire system is eligible for government incentives in the form of Feed In Tariff (FIT) on the electrical power generated, which make the project economics very attractive for the customer allowing a payback time of around 2.5 years.

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