Chemical Manufacturing

Chemical Manufacturing

The global chemicals industry is one of the world’s largest energy consumers, with energy efficiency high on the agenda and significant savings to be made.

Most chemical production sites utilise steam, which is frequently used in processes and offers many opportunities for the installation of a Heliex steam expander or compressor System.

By integrating a Heliex system into their exisiting steam system our customers can benefit from an attractive return on investment, security of supply and improved environmental impact.

You can:

  • Generate electricity with a Heliex Genset
  • Produce compressed air with a Heliex AirComp
  • Drive a piece of machinery with a Heliex SteamDrive
  • Re-energise your process steam with a Heliex SteamComp

A Good Fit

The high temperatures and significant amounts of steam required in the chemical industries results in many opportunities for energy recovery.

The Heliex steam expander or compressor stem is an excellent solution for the chemicals industry because:

  • Wet steam can be used without damage to the machine
  • A range of steam pressures and varying flowrates can be accommodated
  • It is an excellent utilisation of excess steam that may otherwise be wasted
  • Installed in parallel with an existing Pressure Reduction Valve (PRV) it does not interfere with the production process
  • The packaged machine is a simple plug and play installation

Industry: Chemicals Power: 2 x 123 kWe
Customer Profile: Global Speciality Chemicals Company Model: 2 x HP145 Heliex Gensets
Application: Pressure Reduction Valve (PRV)  
Country: UK  

Committed to sustainable development, our client investigated how to exploit the energy in their process steam.

Two Heliex HP145 GenSets were installed in parallel with the Pressure Reduction Valve (PRV) in the existing steam distribution system. This delivers significant economic benefits, while having two systems allows for additional operational flexibility.

Our client enjoys carbon saving of 348 tonnes CO2e and financial savings of an estimated £122,000 each year, with a payback of under 3 years.

Recent Projects

Industry: Chemicals Power: 120 kWe
Customer Profile: Poland’s largest chemicals company Model: HP204 Heliex Genset
Application: Pressure Reduction Valve (PRV)  
Country: Poland  

Our client, one of Europe’s leading chemicals manufacturers, is involved in chemical processing and plastics for the agricultural and construction industries.

Looking to further increase sustainability and efficiency, they recently installed a Heliex HP204 GenSet into their existing steam distribution system.

They use a large amount of low pressure steam at 6 barg, which formerly went through a PRV to atmosphere. Now the steam is rerouted through the Heliex GenSet, where the pressure is dropped and a supply of electricity is generated, before being vented.

Our client now benefits from a low cost source of electricity for use on site simply by utilising a steam supply that would otherwise have been wasted.

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