Waste Incineration

Waste Incineration 2

Capitalising on available steam from incineration processes

The Heliex GenSet offers waste incineration plants an efficient way to generate electricity from the heat energy in incinerator flue gasses, while complying with emissions controls.

Working with the UK’s leading waste service providers, Heliex has developed an in-depth understanding of this global industry, its processes and how clients in this sector can increase profitability thanks to our patented technology.

By integrating a Heliex system into their exisiting steam system our customers can benefit from an attractive return on investment, security of supply and improved environmental impact.

A Good Fit

Incineration at high temperatures means lots of potential for energy recovery. The resultant flue gases need to be cooled before being treated and provide an excellent means of raising steam. The Heliex GenSet is an ideal solution for waste incinerators because:

  • It utilises the steam that would otherwise be wasted
  • It can accept the varying steam loads resulting from differing waste products
  • As the demand varies, any steam not required for export for additional revenue will be used on site for electrical generation

Recent Projects:

Waste Incineration

Industry: Waste Incineration Power: 160 kWe
Country: The UK’s leading healthcare waste specialists Model: HP204
Customer Profile: Waste Heat Recovery  
Country: UK  

Our client operates a number of sites across the UK where clinical waste is incinerated at temperatures of as high as 1000°C. They have installed Heliex GenSets at two of their facilities, with plans to roll out to a further seven by 2018.

The first installation was at their facility in the North of England. A Heliex GenSet was incorporated into the existing process for cooling the incineration flue gases. A waste heat steam boiler is used to absorb the heat from the incineration flue gases to heat water, which is turned into steam.

This steam goes through the Heliex GenSet, where it generates electricity, before being condensed to water and then returned to the waste heat boiler to start the process again.

The estimated value to our customer, based on supply and install costs:

Electrical value per year: £110,000 C02e savings: 700 tonnes/CO2e
Electrical fan saving: £11,000 Years until payback: 2
Total savings per year: £121,000  

Industry: Waste Incineration Power: 84 kWe
Country: The UK’s leading healthcare waste specialists Model: HP145 GenSet
Customer Profile: Waste Heat Recovery  
Country: UK  

The newly installed waste heat recovery system involved the integration of two waste heat recovery boilers generating up to 5 t/h of steam, at a boiler pressure of 15 barg being reduced via a Pressure Reduction Valve (PRV) to an autoclave inlet pressure of 5 barg.

The Heliex GenSet was installed as a part of a newly developed, state of the art, £10m facility that will recycle and use Scotland’s medical waste as an energy source. The Heliex GenSet will generate electricity to improve the overall performance of the plant.

The estimated value to our customer, based on supply and install costs:

Electrical savings per year: £57,000
C02e savings: 352 tonnes/CO2e
Years until payback: 3

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