Hot Water Supply Systems

Hot-Water-Supply-Systems-2In the Food industry, blanching of vegetables and potatoes is a common practice. Enzymes in vegetables are inactivated by the blanching process. Blanching is the exposure of the vegetables to boiling water or steam for a brief period of time. The vegetable must then be rapidly cooled in ice water to prevent it from cooking. There are a number of applications where containers need to be cleaned and pauperised prior to being filled in the packaging process. Processes such as fruit and vegetable juice processors, potato processors, vegetable and fruit canning and so forth are all processes that require hot water supply for cleaning and washing of packages and containers prior to filling.

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Meat & Poultry Processing

Hot-Water-Supply-SystemsIn the Food industry, processing of meats and poultry requires heat and significant amounts of hot water for many of the process and cleaning applications throughout the plant.

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Vegetable Blanching

Hot-Water-Supply-Systems-2High velocity steam delivery assures complete mixing of steam, reducing occurrences of vibration and saves energy losses from uncondensed steam escaping. Integral stem plug eliminates the need for steam pressure control valves. A single Jet sparger can be used for small tanks. When heating larger tanks, or if a higher temperature rise is required, multiple PSX spargers can be placed around the tank.

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