Reverse Osmosis

Reverse-OsmosisProSonix DSI Heating Solutions

  • Angled Steam Injector is designed for hi viscosity, hi solids and difficult to pump slurries and sludges
  • Low pressure drop of typically 1-2 psig
  • Precise temperature control to +/- 1°F (-17°C)
  • Expanded body allows for insertion of steam diffuser to maintain proper flow velocities thru heater
  • Single or multi-stage heating for flow rates from 1 – 10,000 gpm
  • High temperature rise up 250°F (121°C) in a single pass
  • Standard carbon steel or 316SS. Optional alloys and wear coatings available for erosive or corrosive applications
  • Designed to ASME B31.1; optional ASME, CRN or CE/PED certification

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Boiler Feedwater Heating

Typical Boiler Feedwater Heater Process DiagramBoiler Feedwater Heaters via Direct Steam Injection

Power generating plants utilise steam boilers to produce electricity energy for their operation. These boilers often have feedwater heaters which are an integral part of the plant’s thermodynamic cycle. The presence of the heaters in the cycle improves the thermal efficiency of the power plant by lowering the amount of thermal energy required to generate a given amount of electrical by re-using produced steam in a heat exchanger to heat feedwater prior to the Deaerator.

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