Powermax - Bi-Drum Boiler

Powermax---Bi-Drum-BoilerPowermax is a two-drum water tube boiler from Thermax. Powermax can be used to combust a wide variety of fuels.

Powermax is most suited for applications that require uninterrupted boiler operation even on fuel which have a high fouling tendency. Powermax can be used for generating saturated steam as well as superheated steam. Superheated steam is used for incidental power generation or cogeneration power in industries such as distilleries, paper, solvent extraction, rice, textiles, etc.

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Bi-drum Boilers

Bi-Drum boiler is generally used to generate high steam-pressure required for incidental power generation or cogeneration. It is also used for saturated steam applications, which demand uninterrupted operation on highly choking fuels. This boiler is rugged and can operate continuously throughout the year. In addition, since it has small water content, it responds rapidly to changes in loads and heat inputs.

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