COMBLOC - The latest offering from Thermax

COMBLOC---The-latest-offering-from-ThermaxSo far, the two major options for a solid fuel fired steam boiler were the Integrated Furnace Boiler and the conventional Hybrid Boiler. This meant that the choice boiled down to the reduced site work and better response to load of the Integrated Furnace Boiler vs the promise of higher efficiency and fuel flexibility of the conventional Hybrid Boiler.

What remained unexplored was the ideal solution the best of both these designs packed into one boiler. But not anymore. Because Combloc, the newest offering from the Thermax stable, is an amalgam of the best of these two designs and represents the future of packaged, multi-fuel fired steam boilers.

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THERMEON - the low cost, reliable source of steam for small heating requirements

Sourcing a high reliability, high performance, small capacity (up to 1.5 tph) multi-fuel fired steam boiler at an affordable cost for their process heating use has long been a dream for most micro, small and medium enterprises.

Current choices available in the market are either low cost boilers that compromise on performance, safety and reliability, or reliable, safe and high performance boilers that require much higher investments.

It is to address this long felt customer need, that Thermax presents THERMEON - the multi-fuel fired steam boiler.

THERMEON multi solid fuel fired steam boiler - ideal for a multitude of industry applications.

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Powerpac - Single drum boiler

powerpac single drum boiler

Next generation water tube boiler

Continuing the legacy of product innovation Thermax is now introducing next generation water tube boiler Powerpac-SD.

The need of hour from customers is to have a packaged high efficiency boiler with cogeneration, multi fuel flexibility, minimum site work, with automated system. Keeping all this in mind Thermax has introduced "Powerpac -water tube boiler" - a modular, compact packaged single drum boiler with capacity from 6 to 20 TPH .It can be used with multiple fuels like rice husk, coal and other biomass. Preassembled at factory it ensures high quality fabrication and minimum site work. Powerpac assures higher uptime against conventional hybrid boilers.

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